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falling faster now ►

Challenge #2

I wasn't able to be on the internet last night, sorry for that, but here is our next challenge! I'd really love to see some more entries for this one, three people entered last time, which means nine people didn't. I will try and post more reminders, and also remember to promote the community to your friends so more can join in. ;)

Challenge #2 - 2007 MTV Movie Awards

(Images from Vanessa Anne Online)

- Icon(s) must meet LJ standards (see userinfo).
- You can submit up to 3 icons for this challenge.
- Blending of images is allowed.
- You can only use the pictures posted here.

Deadline is June 8th 16.00 CET.

Don't forget to VOTE in challenge 1! So far, only one person have voted.
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