falling faster now ► (yenetai) wrote in babyv_icontest,
falling faster now ►

Challenge #1 - will last 2 weeks

We have got some members now so let's start things up here!

Challenge #1 - V at Radio Disney's 10th birthday

(Images from Vanessa Anne Online)

- Icon(s) must meet LJ standards (see userinfo).
- You can submit up to 3 icons for this challenge.
- Blending of images is allowed.
- You can only use the pictures posted here.

Deadline is June 1st 16.00 CET.
This means that you'll have two weeks to finish your icon/s. This will also give more members a chance to participate, if we get some new members during this period. (Another reason is also that I'll be away this weekend, so I wouldn't have a chance to put up voting and winners if the challenge would end on friday.)
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